Araku Valley

About Araku Valley

Araku Valley - Ooty of Andhra

Araku Valley is located in Vishakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh, and being surrounded by the magnificent Eastern Ghats, the place hosts refreshing breaks for nature lovers. The valley is known for its exquisite biodiversity and features lush green tea and coffee plantations.

The majority of travelers and locals prefer visiting Araku Valley during the winter, which is from December to February. One can enjoy the best of sightseeing despite the fact that Araku Valley looks stunning in freezing temperatures that go down to about 5 degrees Celsius.

However, perfect for activities like trekking, caving, and sightseeing, the weather in Araku Valley turns balmy and pleasant to travel and explore during September to May, which happens to be the best time to visit this paradise.

Most Popular Places In Araku Valley

An ideal getaway for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, Araku Valley will leave you encircled by the mountain ranges of Eastern Ghats at a height of 2,990 ft. Nonetheless, in case you are visiting this paradise for the first time, make sure you keep this guide handy in order not to miss out on any of the must-experiences on your next trip to Araku Valley with your loved ones.

1. Chaparai Waterfalls

Also known as the Dumbriguda Falls, it is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Araku Valley, which is encircled by green forests on all sides. Located at a distance of about five kilometers from the valley, Chaparai waterfalls are an ideal place for those who are planning a fun day out with family and friends. This is among the best places to visit in Araku. This is known for offering refreshing experiences in Araku during the summer.

2. Ananthagiri Hills

Located at a distance of 26 km from Araku Valley, Ananthagiri Hills is a small hill station that is nestled between Araku and Vizag. Being one of the most beautiful and important hill stations in Andhra Pradesh, one will find coffee plantations and waterfalls that look so gorgeous together. The site is among the best attractions in the Araku Valley.

3. Padmapuram Botanical Garden

Being one of the most significant parts of Araku Valley’s historical past, one can witness the most rare flowers and trees at Padmapuram Botanical Garden that are hard to find anywhere else. Not just that, during World War II, this is the place from which the soldiers got their vegetable supplies. However, the garden was later turned into a fully-fledged botanical garden that also featured beautiful tree huts.

4. Araku Tribal Museum

For the culture vultures whose thirst for learning more about new cultures and traditions is never-ending, the Araku Tribal Museum is an ideal place for them. The Tribal Museum is one of the most popular stops, as the place was created to make people aware of the Araku Valley’s lifestyle and culture by taking them through its historical past.

5. Bongulo Chicken

Go to Araku Valley and not try the local delicacy? No way! The popular getaway also happens to be an ideal place for those who like to taste the best Bongulo Chicken, the famous dish of Araku Valley. Famous for being prepared with a unique cooking method, one can also try Madugula Halwa and Teepi Avakaya!